Certificate Jian meet the officer deny that the section changes to spread to a pure H section

Yesterday, there were Hong Kong medium to report, the hinterland ownership of a share cent placed reform to extend into pure H Gu company in Hong Kong.Should report to cite news personage points out, Chinese certificate Jian will be studying a series of measure, one is to let the pure H regression hinterland A become available in the market, and along together solution changes a problem;Or will don’t circulate lately- established holding company of a part of infusions, then arrange the holding company becomes available in the market in the A, H in Hong Kong with one the Lan sub- method become a subsidiary.Now the news is really false, related personage while accepting an interview, all call to have no knowledge.For the above-mentioned information, Chinese certificate Jian will press department department chief Liu Fu Hua mean not too and clearly, don’t also learn of the news.However, Liu Fu Hua points out, the pure H Gu company doesn’t include the category for changing at the hinterland inside, because pure H becomes available in the market in Hong Kong, don’t belong to the listed company of hinterland.Liu Fu Hua also emphasizes that have no necessity what all change contact with together.Some pure H Gu company personages also mean to have never heard the above-mentioned news, have already handed in an A to become available in the market to apply for of northern Chen industry board of directors secretary Guo Chuan smile to call, this news sufficient fresh!Is southwest stock certificate researcher’s week interest government point out, the above-mentioned news way of thinking is more novel, but the possibility isn’t big, because the pure H Gu company can solve to all circulate a problem in Hong Kong.If so the set is policy rules, the ownership of a share structure problem of H Gu company will be more complicated, will have quite a few trouble.But return to a hinterland market to become available in the market, will constitute policy impact to the hinterland market, the hinterland takes charge of a layer to see this kind of a result.Pure H Gu company and of hinterland’s changing don’t relate to, but now Hong Kong’s taking charge of a section probably is hatching this kind of companies to change in the on Hong Kong market.The pure H Gu company circulates in all of Hong Kongs is have a possibility.12 beginning of the months, the harbor handed over Li Ye to widely once mean, even if all of the H became to all circulate and can’t resulted in to pound at too greatly, either to the Hong Kong Stock Market.Later on, once allowed Chinese certificate Jian will the vice- chairman’s history the beautiful Lun also mean, H completely circulate is already a future main direction, setting up the line is a good example.In 118 H Gu companies that Hong Kong becomes available in the market currently, have 31 become available in the market in the AN at the same time, the pure H has 87.Currently, after set up a line first after carrying out to all circulate, east recruiting of breeze car and south Yue logistics the elucidation concerning ownership of a share structure have already adopted a kind of new way in the middle of a book:Inside property through State Department and certificate Jian will after etc.ing organization to grant can become available in the market to circulate.But originally the H Gu company recruit to should of elucidation BE:Inside the property won’t carry on circulating or inside property would not look for to be in the whichever trading post carry on circulating.