Chen Xiao Xian:Changing a project has already reported State Department

Before becoming available in the market exert a job to investigate in June complete a next move to believe a Jia Hua Nan Commercial Bank to go in the integration medium the letter bank go long Chen Xiao Xian accepted this report yesterday reporter interview mean, the line of have already reported to change a project to State Department at 5 beginning of the months.Currently win to believe bank is exerting an internal resources of job survey, integration group and ushering in new strategic investor etc. before holding firmly and carrying on becoming available in the market three works, work hard for year inside land a H stock market field.Lead into the foreign capital proportion 5%10% progresses should say very smoothly, the bank share system reform has already turned into a concrete implementation stage.Chen Xiao Xian reveals that according to walking the one step think two way of thinkings and exert a job to investigate before becoming available in the market as early as the bank had been already started while changing the name last year and anticipated 6 the end of the months, this years ago an ability to thoroughly complete.He says that changes a project full in consideration of in the realistic circumstance of letter, after of the work particularly should put interiorly resources integration and usher in new strategic investor up.Concrete but speech, one believes the resources that the bank goes with medium letter Jia Hua Nan Commercial Bank in the integration, will medium the letter Jia China change name to medium letter bank nations, it lord business duty kimono duty object regard the international business and the oversea customer as principle;It two is a share system to reform a project to conceive towards ushering in strategic investor to put forward, its purpose not for the sake of the money raising, get in touch with currently of current private collect a fund, there is also commercial bank, also include foreign capital hurl to go, all of them are Europe and America and some well-known financing institutions in Asia.Don’t specify is which house, because in now believe is a piece of fat meat, they are all seeking us, we still have to study, exactly what kind of the strategic investor suit us and have of saying and seeking big bank, well-known bank, have of saying and seeking of equal status bank, have of saying and seeking funds real strenght strong bank, have of say to seek to have no benefits conflict in China of organization, this all to, but the problem in nowadays is how to synthesize.Chen Xiao Xian is candid in saying.Chen Xiao Xian points out while speaking of to lead to support proportion and IPO scale, medium letter bank at offer for sale to in letter country gold 19.9% shares after, offer for sale next move will be opposite limited for the proportion of foreign capital, it leads the space of property invite at 5%10%;But the margin scale then consume according to the capital of amount to make sure, isn’t that the capital gold is more many more good, its standard is to promise bank in 35 years ability normal operation, the concrete number should be in above hk$15,000,000,000.Deliver a H first, then the top A because the hinterland resumes a new issue, therefore, win the share system of letter bank reform a project not to reject an A.Chen Xiao Xian says, although medium the letter H still exist some indetermination factors,the project has been explicit and delivers a H first, then the top A, if the condition allows, medium the letter will pretty much take pleasure in becoming an one of the business enterprise that batch carry on an IPO.Up to 2005 every year ends, medium the letter bank property scale attain 616,545,000,000 dollars, the realization conducts profits 6,334,000,000 dollars, each savings surplus amount folds Reminbi to reach to 530,919,000,000 dollars, each loan surplus amount folds CNY 370,675,000,000 dollars, the capital is ample to lead to 8.18%, stir have the overlay lead to 56.43%.Chen Xiao Xian said that in aftertime believe bank will enlarge a bad property of pure accept with handle strength, promote earnings level, for year inside complete share system reform to become available in the market to lay very solid foundation.