Medium letter, China the fund merge again one step

On the night of September 4, the reporter learns of, medium the letter stock certificate will increase to hold medium letter fund 51% ownership of a shares of company.Among them, medium letter the stock certificate will be subjected to let a national development investment company and Shanghai long matter company, medium 31% held for trusting sea, 10%, 10% of medium letter fund ownership of a share.If be taken charge of a section approval, win the letter stock certificate hold medium letter fund of the ownership of a share will attain 100%.It is above-mentioned to don’t more than CNY 150,000,000 dollars procure a total payment.Medium letter stock certificate news spokesman said, increased to hold medium letter fund the ownership of a share develop strategy according to the company to 100% decision, under the sistuation that take charge of environment and policy laws currently of a kind of transition arrangement.In July, this year, medium letter the stock certificate successfully procured China the fund is 40.725% ownership of a shares, but because breach a stock certificate investment fund management company management way in 131 control of rules, relevant is medium to believe and China fund of the integration problem have been being subjected to concern.Is an approach China fund of personage said to the reporter of this report, this time medium letter stock certificate suddenly will medium the letter fund privatize of activity enunciation, relevant is medium to believe, China fund of the integration will formally start.Whole property after owning a letter fund of medium, in believe the stock certificate can choose various ways and China merger.The personage means.China fund current shareholder and property proportion BE:Medium letter stock certificate 40.725% and southwest stock certificate 35.725%, Peking stock certificate 20% and Chinese science and technology stock certificate is 3.55%.Medium letter stock certificate spokesman said and hadn’t received any concerning the news that two fund companies merge so far, the company would carry out an ownership of a share to alienate a related affair in time and believed the legal rights of fund and fund quota holder in the guarantee.But, the market can also have his/her own comprehension.The spokesman means at the same time that under the sistuation that the everyone condition maturity in market allows, in letter stock certificate would like to for push the development of fund industry strong, the business be in conjunction with, the integration does a contribution.The company will have something to do with taking charge of existing shareholder, and fund holder…etc. of organization, fund company the everyone keep close communication, and will adopt aggressive measure, with orientation stock certificate investment fund management company management way etc. related laws of rules.