The peaceful stock certificate thinks:Chinese span of life has high growth

The brief name closes the city value industry and business bank 4.5611443.88 Chinese banks 3.926970.50 China petrochemical 8.425887.43 Chinese span of lifes 20.004164.71 canvass business bank 14.781779.60 last harbor groups 6.941456.75 treasure steel share 7.681344.92 greatest railroad Qin 8.091049.82 people’s livelihood banks 9.07922.14 China Unicoms 3.91828.79 note:Chinese span of life according to publish 1,500,000,000, reckon by 20 dollars stock price emulation.Time that Chinese span of life A nominal quotation becomes available in the market has already settled for January 9, 2007.The peaceful stock certificate Shao son Qin thinks that the regression A will promote the company of Chinese span of life value.Shao Zi Qin means that increasing the hair can not only raise content value with the increase of capital gold, but also is the process that the stock price ego enhances.If publish price CNY 16 by A, publish 1,500,000,000 and raise funds 24,000,000,000 dollars to measure to calculate, each clean property and content are worth of all increasing 0.667 dollars, the static state P/B descends to°from 5.0100%4.1900%.Chinese span of life the higher growth Be worth paying attention to.Shao Zi Qin says that company from become available in the market, the business structure taking profits as a direction adjusts already basic end, but while organizing the reform of structure and management under way, control in the expenses, the personnel manage and promote the improvement space of the aspect to get and gradually release with efficiency.Currently, Chinese span of life business structure adjusts already basic be over.Company from become available in the market have been concentrating on personal life insurance business that expands high gross profit, particularly lay particular emphasis on to raise to expect to post bail fee income.Personal life insurance insurance fee income takes up 87.3% of the total insurance fee income in the first half of 2006, compared with 84.3% of 2005 and 82% of 2004, present up-trend.At the same time, the reform that organizes structure and management is under way.Chinese insurance group holds 72.2% and has absolute right of control to the company currently.At gradually the change become changing into the process of the public company of target by biggest shareholder benefits in, the all levels organization particularly is the potential that the second class organization manages at the expenses control, personnel with efficiency to promote aspect to get to gradually release.In addition, the investment income is the main power that promotes company value.Along with the recovery of stock market, the company adjusted to invest property structure and lowered agreement savings to have a ratio and raise an ownership of a share investment proportion.Expect the company ownership of a share type to invest a proportion to promote to 8.9% for 2006 the middle of the years, but 2005 is 6.8%, 2004 is 4.6%.Expect to invest rate of return 4.24% for 2006 the middle of the years, compare 3.86% in 2005, promote 38 BPs.Shao Zi Qin means that along with the life insurance company regression AN of Chinese span of life and Chinese peaceful etc., Davis’ dynasty has already hoped in China to re-appear.Davis once in 19471994 of passed to invest an insurance in 47 years, created appreciation of fixed assets 18,00000% myths, and Davis’ dynasty three traditions that kept to invest a financial.Shao Zi Qin means that Chinese span of life is as peaceful as China, add up to occupy 66% market quotas in the Chinese life insurance market, have absolute profession a representative, can well share the growth fruit of Chinese life insurance profession, but they the debarkation AN is exactly opportunity to provide sharing income for the inshore investor.