With collect tax progressive make to repress real estate a company speculation

To land development the scale lead big of development company, should adopt a progressive tax fee for making imposition way.The land supply held recently policy expert symposium up, Chinese land surveyed to program a hospital pair director the week set up spring to put forward the above-mentioned suggestion to reduce the heat for high real estate investment.Week sets up spring to point out, some real estate business enterprises with lend the strong capital strength again and again takes ground and causes real estate speculation and investment need’s extending, but real of the housing consumption is suppressed. This california lil webbie is not only cause the land price non- reasonableness’ soaring, to negative effect and financial risk that the real estate market may result in also allow of no under-estimation.Therefore, the week sets up spring suggestion with collect tax the company being progressive to make to repress real estate stores ground of impulse, this means the land scale is more big to need the tax fee for paying more many, the cost in the hoard land then immediately enlarges.For by the root prevent°froming the existence of real estate speculation behavior, the week sets up spring to think, currently under the economic environment, carry on strict supervision to idle capital, hot money that gets into a real estate market, guard against it to cause financial risk.Return the investment environment that should be excellent to turn small and medium enterprises, in addition to building City and stock market, make some capitals there is also other investment accrual outlet.Recently, exorbitant price ground repeatedly have already aroused the high vigilance of related section to combine a continuous set to adjust to control a policy.The national territory resources department promulgated before now 39 order, stipulated to develop a company to don’t pay all land price style not to issue use certificate in the land, prevent°fromed developing business enterprise to hoard a great deal of land by a little amount funds.And recently the land storage of the set management the way also definitely request to practice to cleanly offer for sale to attack by surprise to store ground.To this, the week sets up spring to think, should narrows a land to offer for sale area appropriately and speeds a land development to constuct speed.The company reports a reporter the D pistil/text Wang Xiao Ying/diagram