Hurry up, World of Warcraft’s Gnome Hunters Are Coming

Recently World of Warcraft team has some big news on some of the smallest residents in Azeroth. The Hunter class is available for Gnome players! That’s right—in World of Warcraft: Legion, you too will be able to rise up to become a big game hunter. It is time to buy WOW Gold EU online. Now, let us learn about more details about Gnome Hunters.


The inventive gnomes are in the end prepare to break out the big guns with the cutting-edge technology. Gnomies’ high-tech weapons like rocket launchers, high-powered rifles, and death rays make them perfect candidates for hunting down prey. The best way to level up the character is preparing enough WOW EU Gold. High Tinker Mekkatorque has commanded his people to get outfitted and ready for battle—any way they know how since the events about to unfold on the Broken Shore.


Another thing you should focus is that gnomes wouldn’t be gnomes if they didn’t apply their own special brand of engineering to their job, then it is time to turn to a new Hunter pet family: Mechanical.


The good news is that Gnome and Goblin players can tame this new kind of hard-to-find pet just from the start. Other races will also be able to learn how to control these artificial animals via a device Engineers will be able to make.


But most of Mechanical pets will be challenging to tame, requiring players to first locate them and then use their Hunter abilities in unusual ways. Do not forget to gain the cheap WOW Gold EU on