IED factory discovered, Afghans wounded in joint operation

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan national army and International Security Assistance Force troops located a significant Improvised Explosive Device factory in southern Afghanistan, today.
During the operation, in which a number of suspected insurgent compounds were cleared, two insurgents were killed and regrettably two Afghan civilians were wounded.
On approaching the compounds, ANA and ISAF soldiers were fired on by the insurgents. ANA and ISAF responded with small arms and air support.
The wounded civilians were given medical treatment on site and evacuated to an ISAF hospital for further care.
ANA and ISAF do their utmost to avoid civilian casualties. During this incident, the insurgent tactic of fighting from civilian compounds led to the injury of local Afghans.
“ISAF values the lives of all Afghans. The insurgents hiding behind civilians is deplorable and displays a total disregard for the safety of the Afghan people. It is extremely unfortunate that these civilians have been wounded and we offer them our compassion and support,” said Brigadier-General Richard Blanchette, ISAF Spokesman.
After the operation quantities of small arms, ammunition, and IED making components, including ammonium nitrate, were discovered.
This operation will restrict the criminal activities of insurgents and reduce the number of IEDs that kill and wound innocent Afghans.
The incident is being investigated in accordance with ISAF policy.