There are still some reasons to be cheerful

Some sobering facts. Black people are six times as likely as white people to be stopped and searched by the police. Those of Asian origin are twice as likely. Last year, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary claimed that more than a quarter of stops may have been illegal. Even the home secretary is worried […]

Attack on UN Mali barracks kills soldier and two civilians

Two civilians and a UN peacekeeper have been killed as militants attacked a barracks used by the United Nations’ Minusma force in northern Mali.“This morning around 5.40am, the Minusma camp in Kidal suffered more than 30 rockets and shells during a complex attack,” the force said in a statement on Sunday. “Once the source of […]

North Korea and the US must break the cycle of sanctions and bluster

It is hard to remember, but not so long ago a Korean crisis was a comparative rarity. These days, TV screens are filled with rockets and demonstrators in North Korea’s capital. The young North Korea leader, Kim Jong-un just over a year in the job, is shown surrounded by attentive medal-bedecked generals. He commands batteries […]

20th CBRNE Soldiers compete for Best Warrior title

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. – Soldiers from 20th CBRNE Command (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) competed for the title of Best Warrior here June 22 – 26.At the end of the grueling four-day competition, Sgt. William T. Moss was named the 20th CBRNE Command Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year and Spc. Joseph A. Woolfolk […]

Poland marks second world war anniversary

The 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the second world war was marked this morning with a dawn service on the Baltic coast, close to the site where the conflict began on 1 September 1939.In the ceremony at the Westerplatte peninsula, the site of Nazi Germany’s opening assault on Poland, political and religious leaders spoke […]

Eight firefighters suffer burns in northern California wildfire

Eight firefighters who suffered minor burns while battling a wildfire in northern California left hospital on Saturday as crews gained enough ground on other blazes across the west to allow hundreds of people to return to their homes.Three firefighters from Santa Clara County and five inmate firefighters from the Salt Creek Camp, a minimum-security facility […]

On the frontline of the fight against cybercrime

Inside the tightly controlled security area of Symantec’s Dublin headquarters, a screen on the wall flashes up hacking hotspots as they are detected around the world. Last year the company estimated it blocked nearly 250,000 cyber-attacks. One out of every 532 websites was infected with viruses, it said, and 1.6 million instances of malware were […]

Afghanistan war logs: List of civilian shootings by British troops

2006 15 Nov, Helmand Royal Marines Commando patrol fires “warning shots” at white Hilux. Two civilians killed, and 2 wounded, including a child.20074 Oct, Kabul Unidentified UK squad wounds non-combatant with “2 or 3 bullets” from “warning shot”.21 Oct, Kabul Unidentified UK vehicle “with a gunner on top” wounds three civilian interpreters in a private […]

FRUKUS 2012 conducts security exercises, strengthens partnerships

BALTIC SEA – The multinational training exercise FRUKUS 2012 continued its training with at-sea force protection exercises, June 28.French naval vessel De Grasse (D612), Russian naval vessel Yaroslav Mudriy (727), British naval vessel HMS York (90), and the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy (CG 60), kicked off the days’ training with a simulated small-boat attack, then […]

Spain bans smoking in enclosed public places

Spain introduced an anti-smoking law today that is likely to turn the EU’s fourth largest tobacco producer from a country full of smoky bars and restaurants into one of Europe’s most stringently smokeless.The law bans lighting up in enclosed public places, although hotels may reserve 30% of rooms for smokers. Outside, smoking is banned in […]