Advancing the data display building City, Shanghai will deveolp new 1 to soar

The commercial bank personal housing loan data that this report Xun lately announces shows lately a hurricane onrush of building City, Shanghai.July currency in Shanghai City that releases on the 9th according to the The People’s Bank Of China headquarters in Shanghai circulates a circumstance, July and support commercial bank in Shanghai personal housing loan […]

Mark Pu:The four greatest risks that Chinese insurance invests

Yesterday, the standard Pu Er released a Chinese insurance industry the reputation was forward-looking 20062007, its prospect to Chinese insurance industry outlook from adjusted into front side in the development, and expect the finance real strenght of the whole profession in the middle inside will raise.The standard Pu Er anticipates Chinese insurance company to be […]

Long sand:the agency protect a platform establishment

The reporter labored guarantee basic from the whole city yesterday management platform construction seminar up learn of:From now on, citizen as long as guaranteeing the grass-roots unit management platform through a long sand City labor, can search overall datas like personal bank account information,etc, understand unit and individual of three protect a circumstance.According to the […]

TCL clique:The easy spring rain of deputy governor quits office

Be placed in to internationalize a predicament of a with in the week suffer two key figures to leave office.General manager Yang Wei Qiang of the TCL computer company on July 25 just declared leave office, on the 27th convened a board of directors reveal easy spring rain of deputy governor of TCL group already […]

Taiwanese tera is plentiful to make a detour in Hong Kong to strive for landing have intention to the curve control section country in Shandong throw

Province nations in Shandong trust to invest limited company to reveal news recently, the Taiwanese trillion plentiful finance controls an incorporated company to have intention to control country hurl in Shandong.Country in Shandong threw a related personage to tell last week, recent, country in Shandong hurl usher in problem and trillion of strategic investor plentiful […]

The sail idea insurance new version insurance responsibility shrinks

The new version sail that will soon have sold since September 1 idea insurance insurance policy insurance the responsibility shrink.According to know, the Chinese protect, Chinese span of life, peaceful wealth insurance, peaceful span of life, Pacific Ocean the span of life and China unite 6 insurance companies on September 1 since associately Be in […]

A big tree that is cut down

At present, the Chinese have already acquainted with and paid attention to very much to the PE.The situation in nowadays lets it is can hardly for people to imagine three year ago PEs in China and are circumstanceses how.14 years,s that makes an investment in China, the decade of front is like endless tunnel, have […]

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