Nigerian president says he needs more rest, fuelling health rumours

Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, has said he needs more rest and health tests after returning home from nearly two months of medical leave in Britain, during which time his deputy has run the country.Shortly after arriving from London, the 74-year-old former general told officials he was feeling much better but wanted to rest over the […]

MH17: Dutch Safety Board to publish preliminary report on disaster

Authorities in the Netherlands are due to publish a preliminary report on the July downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine.The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) says the report, due on Tuesday, will include details gathered from the cockpit voice recorder, the flight data recorder, satellite and other images, and radar information.It is not […]

Mechanical fault in oil line causes fear of gas shortage in Baghdad

Staff Sgt. Brock JonesMulti-national Division – Baghdad Public Affairs OfficeBAGHDAD – A mechanical fault in the Mahmudiya-Doura oil pipeline halted production of oil and caused temporary fear of a gasoline shortage in Baghdad June 29.The problem with the line was quickly addressed and fixed, according to the ministry of oil and the Multi-National Forces – […]

Water plant bottles water for troops

JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq – Since 2005, the Oasis International Waters bottling plant here has provided Soldiers in northern Iraq with clean bottled water, enabling Soldiers to stayhydrated while focusing on their mission.Peter Balitski , the quality assurance reverse osmosis manger, said the plant does everything from purifying the water, to making the bottle and […]

Flooding clearup continues as Whitby homes face demolition

A terrace of five Victorian houses is to be demolished on Thursday in the North Yorkshire port of Whitby after a landslip of saturated ground threatened its foundations. Engineers will gingerly build a temporary road to get heavy plant to the 150-year-old homes which were built for workers involved in mining jet, the rare black […]

India’s Mars mission spacecraft leaves Earth orbit

India’s Mars orbiter mission has left Earth’s orbit after performing a manoeuvre to put it on its way to orbit the red planet.The spacecraft fired its main engine for more than 20 minutes to reach the correct velocity to leave the Earth’s orbit, the Bangalore-based Indian Space Research Organisation said. It said that all systems […]

International Space Station power system radiator leaking

The International Space Station has a radiator leak in its power system. The outpost’s commander has called the situation serious, but not life-threatening.On Thursday the six-member crew noticed white flakes of ammonia leaking out of the station. Ammonia runs through multiple radiator loops to cool the station’s power system. Nasa said the leak is from […]

Breakneck development exacerbates ethnic tensions in China

While Beijing blames a handful of separatists with overseas support for incidents such as Saturday’s horrific attacks in Kunming, analysts and exile groups point to a long history of tension between Chinese authorities and the Muslim Uighur ethnic minority who make up more than 40% of the population in Xinjiang province.The intended remedies of aggressive […]

The Guardian view on immigration: avoid false Brexit promises

Politicians who want to celebrate the health of the British economy are always on the lookout for data to bolster their case, yet routinely neglect one consistent metric of success: immigration. People do not abandon the place of their birth and cross continents without expectation of a better life. It is a vote of confidence […]

Barack Obama: bounce, bump or blip?

Many commentators are writing daily pieces on President Obama’s bounce. I wrote an analysis of Obama’s bounce on Monday, trying to place it in a larger context. My conclusion was there can be little doubt that Obama received some bounce coming out of the Democratic national convention.I will not, however, be updating this piece daily […]

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