China probably next year change into the clean import country of stone brain oil

The high personage inside the industry calls on Thursday that China may change into the clean import country of stone brain oil in 2005, because three large and petrochemical factory openings surge the need and exceed a Chinese local growth of yield.China is speeding expanding of chain factory to reform to keep up with a […]

Be hard contend for being to continue to relieve to thought a row head soldier

Guangzhou City often Wei and the development area party Wei in Guangzhou secretary, commission director and Luo Gang area Wei secretary the Xue Xiao Feng comrade attended a meeting, and make to mobilize to talk.The meeting emphasizes profoundly knowing the great significance of relieving the thought.Whole area all levels leadership the staff want to lead […]

The network advertisement scale in the market reached to 7,680,000,000 dollars to together compare to increase 54.2% last year

This net Xun January 21, Chinese Internet association released Chinese network of Netguide2008 advertisement market research research paper, data suggests, 2007 the middle of the year, the country network advertises whole market scale to reach to 7,680,000,000 dollars and increases 54.2% a little bit in 2006 and anticipate will increase into about 12,170,000,000 dollars in […]

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