Carrefour affairs back is a manpower capital under-estimation

After Carrefour occurrence in Chongqing tramples trouble, the business subordinate delivered limit to urge to make, Hangzhou City trades a bureau to also urgently call store and reiterate dealer to promote sales behavior management way.Meet the end of the year, the market usually makes of limit, capacity promotion can not on a large scale carry […]

Steel:Adjust to control result to show a Zhao shape trend to good

The steel profession invests 16,240,000,000 in May and increased 37.2% with ratio, this was already an acceptable range.On July 13, Chinese steel industrial association deputy secretary Qi mean while accepting reporter’s interview to the east, first half year of of macro view’s adjusting to control have already obtained obvious result in the steel profession, second […]

Chuan wealth stock certificate:The fund index number falls when is a ?

A life time China wealth Xun agency expert, Yang Tao , in the section hospital writes to point out, should begin to prepare in the suitable opportune moment the monetary policy frame of China to the inflation target system transformation, currency authorities definitely with commodity price stability is initial target.Report to report on January 21 […]

The new fund issue has to slow down even soon become to walk to stop

The new fund issue speed may have to slow down.The schedule form of fund issue suggests that a new fund is August 21 recently, at canvass business outlet issues like bank,etc of brightenning and protecting virtuous letter advantage allocation fund, 10,000,000,000 of scheduling to and selling target in sell on that day namely tell completion.Afterward, […]

The system changes medium conceive a fund development of good opportunity

The cent of the ownership of a share’s placing reform is gradually launching, this mark Chinese stock market is following a system change of important stage.Being placed oneself to this to change medium Chinese fund industry is also welcoming the big inning of development.The cent of the ownership of a share places completely launching of […]

Chinese concept:Fund in the world finally digs gold treasure ground

9 the end of the months, the QFII limit permits to increase USD 6,000,000,000 again.Expands to permit at this in pull out head the Heng for raising living bank and immediately decide to add USD 50,000,000 a limit and all used for in Hong Kong market to start to establish Heng to living an A […]

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