Iraqi, Coalition Forces plan for success

By Spc. Jamie Vernon2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored DivisionBAGHDAD – Leaders from Task Force 1st Battalion, 35th Armor Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad, and 3rd Brigade, 1st National Police Division, attended their first Joint Targeting Meeting at Combat Outpost Cashe South, southeast of Baghdad, Jan.9.“The Combined Targeting […]

How US military could confirm Mohammed Emwazi’s death

Confirming a “kill” in a targeted attack by plane or drone in hostile territory is done in the first instance by monitoring communications – mobile phones, radio etc – in the area of operations. The optimal and foolproof method of confirmation is to take a DNA sample of the victim’s remains and check it against […]

Almost 4 million Kenyans on food aid as drought deepens

The devastating drought sweeping across Kenya is causing widespread hunger, thirst and, in the case of cattle, death. Pictures of hundreds of cow carcasses being tipped into a mass grave near Nairobi highlight the scale of the natural disaster – and the clumsy or even negligent efforts of the government to deal with it.Aware that […]

US contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq

Under plans announced by a spokesman for Afghan president Hamid Karzai today, private security firms in Afghanistan will be disbanded within four months, and replaced by the Afghan police force.According to the most recent data from the US Department of Defense (DoD), there are around 112,000 contractors employed by the US military currently working in […]

UN launches $275m appeal for Yemen as fighting intensifies

The UN has launched an appeal for almost $275m (£183m) to aid 7.5 million people in Yemen over the next three months as fighting intensifies in the south and air strikes pound 18 of its 22 provinces. Yemen conflict: ‘This war has killed everything that was beautiful’ Read moreAbout 150,000 people have been displaced, 50% […]

Court costs strain WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s finances

If, as seems likely, Julian Assange walks free from the high court tomorrow, his triumph will be a brief one. As well as a looming extradition battle with Sweden, he faces a familiar headache known to defendants everywhere: how to pay his lawyers? Since his dramatic arrest last week, and incarceration in Wandsworth jail, Assange’s […]

The Occupy movement now has its iconic image of martyrdom

Every nascent political movement needs martyrs. Even the sensible British labour movement, whose history is mostly peaceful and overwhelmingly parliamentary, has its memories of the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the Peterloo massacre. Revolutionary traditions fervently venerate their political saints: Irish republicanism has an especially rich pantheon from Pearse and Connolly to Bobby Sands. The Egyptian revolution, […]

Sri Lanka flooding forces more than 300,000 to flee homes

More than 300,000 people have been forced out of their homes by flooding in Sri Lanka, with no sign of a let-up in the torrential rain on the island nation’s east coast.Three more people were killed by mudslides today, bringing the death toll to 21, officials said.The government’s Disaster Management Centre said more than 1 […]

Germany’s Müller group to take over Robert Wiseman Dairies

The founding family of Britain’s biggest milk producer stands to pocket nearly £100m after agreeing to sell the firm to the German dairy company Müller.Robert Wiseman Dairies, which started out as a family farm in East Kilbride in 1947 (and still operates from the original farmhouse), has agreed to be taken over for £279.5m by […]

Dubai killers stole identities of UK citizens

A hit squad that murdered a senior Hamas official in Dubai used the stolen identities of six British citizens and faked at least five other European passports, it emerged today.The international investigation into the assassination of Mahmoud al Mabhouh last month is certain to examine the role played by Israel, where four of the victims […]

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