Who does Reminbi finance mangaing stop selling to come to fill vacant post

The nitric smoke of the war of Korean presidential election has already gradually quelled and lately be elected as how president Li Ming Bo is Be, people wait and see.This new president Ke regardless hangs the education problem of Korea in the election, still after winning an election the mouth side is often.The survey also […]

TCL clique orientation super – hair Gao Piao pass

Temporary shareholders’ meeting that convened in yesterday up, attend meeting shareholder Gao Piao to pass to wait six proposals, agree to authorize a group board of directors to collect funds to add up to 2,296,370,000 dollars and used for the baby size LCD TV module integral whole in the investment to turn to make item;Invest […]

4.19 inside knowledge with latest detention centres

Lucky star science and technology corresponds a real estate industry in good time in doing greatly foundation of doing strong metal product industry, the formation takes metal product industry as core, real estate industry to configuring for the business of the double main industry mode of main profits source.Two business all turn into a rapid […]

Constuct bank:The carry trade carnaroon arch bat batch helps USD to walk strong

BE differed by benefit the influence of trading the even dish, U.S. dollar walks completely on Tuesday strong, exchange yen to rise into 118.20 yens, exchange an euro to rise into USD 1.3570.The United States retails sale to more increase 0.3% in July and deducts automotive retail price sale to increase 0.4%.The gasoline price falls […]

Carrefour affairs back is a manpower capital under-estimation

After Carrefour occurrence in Chongqing tramples trouble, the business subordinate delivered limit to urge to make, Hangzhou City trades a bureau to also urgently call store and reiterate dealer to promote sales behavior management way.Meet the end of the year, the market usually makes of limit, capacity promotion can not on a large scale carry […]

Steel:Adjust to control result to show a Zhao shape trend to good

The steel profession invests 16,240,000,000 in May and increased 37.2% with ratio, this was already an acceptable range.On July 13, Chinese steel industrial association deputy secretary Qi mean while accepting reporter’s interview to the east, first half year of of macro view’s adjusting to control have already obtained obvious result in the steel profession, second […]

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