Share in Yangtze River:Still have to expand air space upward

Share total subscribed capital in Yangtze River 1.100,000,000, circulate 40,000,000, the underneath Jing work steel structure in holding company Zhejiang construction group limited company reaches with share in Yangtze River to procure an intention in June, 2003 and signed ownership of a share alienation and trusteeship agreement with hold share 55.55% shares in Yangtze River […]

Carrying out the QDII initial condition is to choose organization

National foreign exchange the officials of the administration said that QDII implementation can’t to A the head with too greatly influenced to hold yesterday Chinese financial reform high forum up, the national foreign exchange administration capital item managed to take charge of department chief Zou wood said, up to currently, concerning QDII China is when […]

The analyst calls that the net easily new net visits to express super – expectation

August 22 the United States ET 10:06 newses, report according to the foreign medium, the United States invested company SIG analyst, Zhao Chun, to raise a net easy stock rating today clearly, the reason was customer’s number of network with easily lately- released net game attraction to exceed his expectation.BE influenced by this news, net […]

Coupon company QDII breaks gold company in cocoon head to get qualifications

Release completely after the fund QDII business, inshore individual directly and outward after stock certificate invest an experimental unit start, the coupon company’s QDII business also recently breaks.The reporter learned of ° from medium gold company yesterday, the medium gold company handed in of the QDII business qualifications application has already acquired the approval of […]

The fund manager’s hand records:Control a Cang to increase to invest a new product

The foreign capital acceleration loots one A stock market field resources QFII not unique get involved one A stock market field outlet after five years, enduring long hardship of bear market, the local organization has already become apathetic to combine to empress when the city heart save worry in uncertainty but the foreign capital is […]

Switzerland again the insurance is first half year of clean income to increase 16%

World again insurance tycoon Switzerland again insurance company declare, the company is first half year of this year the clean income reaches to 1,600,000,000 Switzerland francs, laster year same period the accomplishment increased 16%, each income 4.92 Switzerland francs;The clean property rate of return that the year turns is 13.9%, the shareholder rights increased 18% […]

Manages finance a product new product point to review for a week

These day, youth group owner the huge youth almost moved the headquarters of he or she’s gold China in Zhejiang Shandong.In addition to in person in addition to Du and the cooperation item of lotus, also need to consider how carefully solve have already sunk into Iran of trapping the bureau to cooperate item.Mean to […]

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