Henan indeed experiments morals to save for mountain two years

Make moves for the fourth time, medium letter the stock certificate will soon privatize China fund.Just at and in letter stock certificate talk an ownership of a share alienation, in the near future should have first step result.The southwest stock certificate internal personage reveals to the reporter.The southwest stock certificate holds China the fund is […]

Bo fund manager view City:Existing reversal in the market may

从前期的市场向下调整来看,由于对市场短期表现过度关注,使投资者忽略了早期出台的九条利好政策,市场进入盲目下跌态势,这不属于市场本身的下跌要求,而是由于外部因素导致的市场调整。Seeing from funds noodles, the agency protects going into of funds, insurance funds city, new fund of continuously the issue waited all to increase an increasing of market to measure funds to some extent, this instauration with contributes to confidence in the market.Because currently the Ying rate level in market City is opposite be in […]

Deep municipality Long Hu Bang exposes secrets on March 29

Day rise over 7% of ex- five stock certificates:39 bio-chemical reach rise restriction the price clinch a deal amount:6,130,000 clinch a deal amount of money:24,050,000 dollars business department name trade amount of money country Tai gentleman Anne the stock certificate incorporated company together and together admire Er Long Hua Lu stock certificate business department 3672936.00 […]

Gold City presents to public dramatic condition of the market

The condition of the market in last week can be generalized with the dramatic.On Thursday, the United States retails to sell a data generally, not- beautiful currency distinctly onrush, the gold price creates a biggest odd day rise inside year and with one action breaks 440, 443.On Friday, anticipate a rising emotion upsurge still, day […]

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