Insurance industry prospect the still captivating total insurance fee together compare to increase 14.4%

The local insurance company total insurance fee income attains 564,140,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 14.4% in 2006.Among them, the Human body nearly carries out insurance fee 413,201,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 11.67% and has to compare 73.24% in the total insurance fee;The property insurance insurance fee income is 150,943,000,000 dollars, together […]

The benelux silver releases the rock oil-gold peg break – even pattern structure deposit

The foreign exchange manages finance take aim petroleum gold for the very first time is focused attention rather of petroleum and gold, for the very first time drive foreign exchange finance mangaing the product take aim up.Recently, Holland bank declares to release to expire to protect this type of”the petroleum-gold hook structure savings”.The structure’s savings […]

Don’t hesitate table bid)

-Peking the new opening quotations item recommend in July&order to review Mr. Huang is a some deluxe engineer of 500 strong business enterprises, the second half in the last years goes to Peking to settle down a work in 2006.The initial problem of settlin

Firm propulsion quoted company in Inner Mongolia is pure to owe

Certificate Jian bureau chief Ju Gu of Inner Mongolia the Zhe always convened yesterday of the 2007 magistracy stock certificate futures in Inner Mongolia takes charge of a working conference top notification say, up to 12 the end of the months, 2006s, magistracy 22 listed company total amounts raise funds 20,600,000,000 dollars, the market capitalization […]

Protect Er Sen to call to repress Shu benefits according to owner

Road deeply Washington give or get an electric shock American wealth on December 6 long the Sen protecting Er mean on Thursday, the government has to get involved in aid of facilitate the plan that an aim is stranded a building lord in the help, because if the Shu rate greatly increase, the owners will […]

Korean media call:The chinese bull market just just began

45% and 26%, this is the result form of Chinese stock market and India stock market this year, astonish BE, 45% is Chinese stock market hands over of answer book, India stock market only increased 26%.Before now, the Mumbai stock market was often creative Gao, as a stock market Cinderella, India once developed world the […]

He Zhi Cheng:Big turbulence in the market place will soon take place

The market of each big country almost and all took a rest yesterday, motion rate in the market was very small.This kind of situation will completely present new look today, big of the turbulence will soon take place.Europe’s fastenning currency has already quickly arrived an edge of changing the dish now.The euro is in 1344013465 […]

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